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Gender equality at UTokyo

A one-stop overview.

This post introduces WonderWomen, an undergraduate-led project at UTokyo which "seeks to raise awareness on sexual harassment and consent within the University of Tokyo by publishing posters to provoke debate and inform students on the resources available around campus". The "Speak up Posters", one targeting female harassment (photos 1 and 2, explained in photos 3, 4) and one targeting both female and male harassment (photo 5), were designed based on a survey on "overall campus awareness on sexual harassment and consent". The survey was distributed to UTokyo students, faculty members and staff in early 2019 via social media. 223 participants responded over 6 weeks (full results on WonderWomen website).

Koko, one of the five WonderWomen, explained to us the team's motivation to start the project, within the GLP-GEfIL program for undergraduates at UTokyo. "In the first year, we were assigned to a team to tackle one SDG (sustainable development goal) and had to make a presentation at the end of the year. So we had like half a year to do it. That is why we started this project! In addition to our own meeting, we had a regular class for GEfiL every two weeks. Plus most of the members have gone through sexual harassment in campus, which was the biggest motivation."

The GLP-GEfIL (Global Leadership Program - Global Education for Innovation and Leadership) is a "special university-wide, transdisciplinary (...) program taught entirely in English". GEfIL is the GLP's senior division, open to 3rd and 4th year undergraduates. "GEfIL pursues a transdisciplinary, innovative approach to global problems and is designed to equip students with the vision and competences required to play meaningful, leading roles in global society."

Beyond GEfIL, WonderWomen has registered as a UTokyo student group (or "circle"), in view of extending its efforts. Since most of the WonderWomen team studied abroad for the past year, project members have only recently had the chance to get back together, and are considering their next steps.

(All photos courtesy of WonderWomen.)


Last updated: 22 November 2020

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