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About us

2019-2020: Research and development

Last updated: 12 April 2020

Our project in 2019-2020 consisted of two streams:

(1) Research of causes and development of solutions for the "leaky pipeline" of female researchers at the University of Tokyo.

(2) Outreach to promote gender awareness among both students and faculty members, via documentary screenings and student-led workshops.


Meet the 2019 team

Our team in 2019-2020 consisted of 9 graduate students from 6 countries and 5 graduate schools (4 men and 5 women). 



At the end of the project, we were honoured to address a letter to the President of the University of Tokyo, Professor Gonokami. We summarised the main findings of our project, and humbly presented some recommendations to improve the situation, based on feedback we received from senior management in the Office for Gender Equality and within the governance structure of the University of Tokyo.

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