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Our logo

Last updated: 12 April 2020

Our logo represents our conviction that UTokyo draws its strength from diversity, among the student, faculty and staff bodies. The red building is the roof of Akamon, an iconic symbol of UTokyo's academic leadership. The infamous "red gate" is instantly recognisable by many across Japan. The two characters jointly supporting the gate show us that the body of knowledge, research, innovation, and contributions to society produced by UTokyo are contingent on balanced empowerment of all members of its community.


Looking to the future, the two characters are welcoming a diverse student body through the gates, to become the next generation of change makers in Japanese research, industry and society. The unfinished characters drawn in simple monochrome lines show the absence of pre-conceptions on the grounds of incidental personal characteristics, advocating respect between genders and encouraging all members of the university to proudly contribute to academic and social life on campus in their own individual way.


Logo design process: from hand-drawing to computer graphic

"Toward Daiversity" is a play on UTokyo's abbreviated Japanese name, "Todai". "Toward Daiversity" acknowledges that the University of Tokyo's values are deeply intertwined with respect for diversity, and encourages continued efforts towards gender equality.

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