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Last updated: 1 October 2021

We present our R&D work on gender equality in academia, and our actions to raise awareness of gender equality at UTokyo.

We have publicly shared our work in several ways.


- July 2021, London, UK・ 9th European Conference on Education (Paper 60059)

Student-Led Design of Online Tools to Support the Quality of Research Life at the University of Tokyo: A Survey-Based Approach. (link)

Berthet, M., Okamura, K., Li, Y., Kawataki, S., Nadeau, P.

- May 2020, Tokyo, JP・ 10th Asian Conference on Cultural Studies (Paper 58058)

Understanding and Promoting Gender Diversity Among Senior Faculty at the University of Tokyo: A Student Action Project. (link)

Berthet, M., Kawataki, S., Okamura, K., Ishida, M., Varada, K.

Blog pieces

- November 2020 ・Post-Corona Education and Research Initiatives program, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo. 

Student-led research project initiatives. (link)

Okamura, K., Berthet, M.

Guest speeches

- September 2021・Global Faculty Development Program, The University of Tokyo 

“Invisible Stress” and Exclusion Faced by Minorities in the Classroom. (link)

Li, Y., Okamura, K.

Media appearances

- March 2021・NHK フジ5時 / NHK online news

- April 2021・Todai Shimbun

女性が活躍する東大に 多様な研究者集団Toward Diversityの活動に迫る. (link)

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