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Last updated: 1 June 2021

We started Toward Diversity as a student initiative project (SIP), supported by the University of Tokyo's Global Leader Program for Social Design and Management (GSDM). GSDM offers graduate students the opportunity to engage in research beyond their primary area of specialisation, encouraging them to explore, identify and respond to cross-cutting social and technological challenges. GSDM is part of a network of 62 Programs for Leading Graduate Schools spanning 33 Japanese universities, and was given the highest rank ("S") by MEXT post-project evaluation in 2019. 

One major component of the GSDM student experience is the SIP. Students are given full autonomy to: develop a proposal for multidisciplinary research and action, set up a team, refine a methodology, establish necessary contacts, manage a budget, and make measurable progress towards addressing a social issue that they have taken to heart. As part of our SIP, we received financial support from GSDM, administrative support from the GSDM office, and constructive advice from GSDM faculty members during semi-annual review meetings.

Since 2021, Toward Diversity became independent from GSDM, by registering as a student circle at the University of Tokyo.

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