One-stop overview of GE initiatives at UTokyo

This page provides a comprehensive list of all GE initiatives at the University of Tokyo. The aim is to increase connectivity between the many impactful activities promoting gender equality on campus. We do our best to keep the list of institutions, projects and events up to date. 

However, please get in touch if you notice something should be added.

GE institutions at UTokyo


Last updated: 12 April 2020


- The University of Tokyo Office for Gender Equality

Homepage (English):

Homepage (Japanese):


- Future Society Initiative


- WomEnpowered International



- "The University of Tokyo Vision 2020" (Nov. 2015)

- "Positive Action" policy (Mar. 2009)

Overview (in Japanese):

- "Declaration to accelerate gender equality" (Mar. 2009)

Overview (in Japanese):

GE projects at UTokyo


Last updated: 12 April 2020

By faculty

- We, UTokyo ("Todai no watashitachi") project
Homepage (in Japanese):

- UTokyo Women's Active Fund ("Josei katsuyaku shien kikin")

Homepage (in Japanese):

- Your UTokyo ("Kimi no Todai") project

Homepage (in Japanese):

- List of projects curated by the Future Society Initiative


By students

- Tottoko Gender Movement

Facebook page:

- The University of Tokyo TOPIA

Homepage (in Japanese):

- "Wonder Women" project


GE events at UTokyo


Last updated: 12 April 2020

Regular events

- Events by the Office for Gender Equality (all in Japanese)

For UT:

For UT:

For high-school students:

- Events by WomEnpowered International

- Events by the Tottoko Gender Movement

One-off events

- Women in Tech: Google x UTokyo (Mar. 2020)

Event page (in Japanese):

- Third Gender Symposium, The Engineering Academy of Japan (Jan. 2020)

Event page (in Japanese):

- The 6th Summit for UT Women in Science ("Rikei joshi koryukai") (Dec. 2019)

Event page (in Japanese):

- 2019 Forum for Leading Graduate Schools (Nov. 2019)


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