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Gender equality at UTokyo

A one-stop overview.

In this post, we are introducing Challenging Gender Stereotypes (CGS), a community project founded by UTokyo graduate Ankita Jain (Sch. of Engineering, Dpt. of Bioengineering, 2013-2019). We had the pleasure to meet with Ankita (photo 1) online, and to discuss what CGS is about. CGS is a gender equality initiative to bring awareness to ongoing exemplary work in the area of GE, and to create a platform for conversation around gender bias. CGS organises and shares events on topics related to GE on its Facebook page (photo 2). Recent examples are a fireside chat with Startup Lady Japan on entrepreneurship, and an online discussion with an official from the GE Bureau of the Cabinet Office on the 5th Basic Plan for Gender Equality. CGS is also creating a public database on Japan-based organisations promoting GE, to increase the visibility of GE projects at both local/regional levels, and to strengthen connections between communities working on GE.


The CGS hashtag is #HereForHer. We asked Ankita why the hashtag focuses specifically on supporting women, rather than both women and men. She told us that CGS is inclusive of all men, women, and LGBTQ+ community members. "However, we believe the main beneficiaries are expected to be women for time being, but we highly encourage PRIDE Community members & males to share their stories of challenging stereotypes too."


CGS was founded in July 2020, and at present has 5 members. They are actively recruiting new members. CGS is a project by the Yokohama Global Shapers Community, "a network of young people driving dialogue, action and change". Global Shapers is an NPO with around 10,000 members in 148 countries, founded by the World Economic Forum. Global leaders such as Justin Trudeau are also involved in supporting the platform.


We are looking forward to following Ankita’s progress. To join or to know more about CGS, please contact the CGS Team via Messenger.

(All photos courtesy of CGS.)

Challenging Gender Stereotypes (CGS)

Last updated: 22 November 2020

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