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#8: Ellen's Story


Q1. Where are you from? Which department are you in?

Korea/ Department of Social Science (Bachelor in Economics at UTokyo)


Q2. Why did you choose UTokyo? 

I chose UTokyo as I believed it would open the door for more opportunities abroad and from my wish to be surrounded by passionate people.

Q3. Do you have role models on campus, and how do they inspire you?

I don't have specific role models. Instead, I've learned small parts from people that I respect. For instance, my supervisor showed me the value of staying true to oneself. Friends taught me how to support others with warmth.

Q4. Where is your favorite spot on campus?

There is a stair between the library and the cafeteria at the Komaba campus. That's my favorite place. 

Q5. What's your research topic? Would you mind sharing one exciting moment or one fascinating thing you like the most in your research?

I study how individuals' cognitive functioning (from memory to reasoning) relates to socioeconomic status and phenomena. I feel the meaning of pursuing when I can shed light on someone's story through research.

Q6. Imagine you have a little sister who is about to start a journey at UTokyo. What message or advice you would like to give to her?

Be surrounded by people who give you positive energy, as they will become part of your lifelong assets!