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Increasing the visibility of female researchers at our university.

#3: Mizuki's Story


I entered The University of Tokyo as an undergraduate in 2014, so it has been seven years. I'm from Hyogo prefecture. I am studying the economic geology of metal deposits.


In my laboratory, there are three females out of 23 students. Although I eat at a normal speed for a female, when I go out for lunch with my male labmates, I feel uncomfortable because I am the last to finish my meal. The same applies to baths and restrooms when I go on field work with my male labmates.

If possible, I would like to continue my research and become a professor. I find it interesting to do research and work in academia, so I want more people to know its appeal. Unless they allow couples to have separate last names in Japan, I may not be able to get married, since the last name that appears in research papers is so important for researchers.


I think that many female students at the University of Tokyo often have a feeling of loneliness and some sense of despair, even if they look cheerful. Why don't we start by being overly confident in ourselves?


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