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Increasing the visibility of female researchers at our university.

#9: Y's Story


Q1. Where are you from? Which department are you in?

Saitama prefecture, Graduate School of Science

Q2. Why did you choose UTokyo? What was the most attractive point to you? What do you think are the shortcomings of being a student at UTokyo, if there are any? 

I came to UTokyo because I wanted to join my current laboratory. There are professors and senior students here who support my research with kindness, and at any time I can have discussions with people with diverse knowledge and experiences. Though this may not be specific to UTokyo, I find the research environment very attractive here. 

Q3. Where is your favorite spot on campus?

I like the row of gingko trees that I pass by every day as I enter Hongo Campus’ main gate. It is very pleasant to feel the changing seasons through those ginkgo trees. From there, I also have a clear view of Yasuda Auditorium, which encourages me to do my best for another day.


Q4. Have you faced any difficulties as a graduate student? How did or do you overcome them?
Once there was a very busy time when my presentations at a conference and in my lab overlapped. It was tough, as there were many experiments and analyses to be done. I felt unable to prepare for the presentations and organise my work as I had wanted to. However, I was able to get through it in the end with support from my seniors and encouraging words from lab members, who reached out to say ‘you’re really working hard on many experiments recently.’

Q5. Imagine you have a little sister who is about to start a journey at UTokyo. What message or advice you would like to give to her? 

The percentage of women at UTokyo is low, and it is true that you may feel lonely at times. However, I would like to encourage you to be yourself and not be too overwhelmed. Remember to take a break when you feel stuck in your research or studies, like by going out for dinner with friends.


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