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IEL Gender Series

Last updated: 16 October 2020

Part 3: Proposing methods to reduce gender imbalance - Presentation and discussion

In the third workshop, the focus changed from analysis to implementation. We presented the results of our research and development project to students and faculty in the GSDM program, as well as social science experts from the University of Tokyo. The aim was to gather feedback in order to develop our findings on gender equality among researchers at our university into measurable positive change.

Summary of achievements

In sum, the main outputs from the IEL Gender Series are:

- Raising awareness of gender equality among members of the GSDM program.

- Creating a platform for interaction between social change-makers in NGOs, industry and academia and students at the University of Tokyo.

- Inspiring students to think about how they can contribute to creating a more inclusive environment during their careers as researchers and beyond. 


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