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IWD2021 at UTokyo: Achievements

Last updated: 2 June 2021

We are sending out a big thank you, for following and supporting our event. We're especially grateful to the more than 100 people (including one astronaut) who participated by sending us a photo.

We believe this event successfully raised awareness of the topic of gender equality at our university. It started discussions among our friends, it drew reactions from our colleagues. It was also noticed by NHK, the Japanese television broadcaster (thanks to the UT Office for Gender Equality). We were fortunate to be interviewed for theシブ5時 afternoon news program, and most of our IWD video was broadcast on national Japanese television! Within UT, we were also interviewed by the university newspaper (東大新聞, April edition), and in the article we explain our hope that this IWD event will inspire the next generation of students to take up their own initiatives to continue to create an inclusive and supportive campus environment.

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