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Research and action

on gender equality

at UTokyo

driven by students.



> 20 March 2023

International Women's Day 2023 at UTokyo

> 7 May 2022

We are joining the 95th edition of UTokyo's May Festival! Our exhibit

> 19 March 2022

Learn about the History of UTokyo Women.

Her UTokyo documentary series

Film Reels
Large Format Camera

History of UTokyo women

Old Book


In March 2019, a group of graduate students at the University of Tokyo came together to study and promote gender equality on campus. We were inspired by existing university initiatives on GE, but at the same time we were struck by the slow pace of change among both students and faculty members. We also noticed that despite the large number of GE activities, fragmentation and low coordination may be reducing their impact.

Initially supported by the University of Tokyo GSDM Program for Leading Graduate Schools, and now incorporated as a registered student "Circle", we are conducting research and activities to understand, respond to, and improve gender equality among faculty members and students at our university.

We believe that gender equality benefits both men and women, and we are convinced that as students we have the power to foster an academic environment respectful of and encouraging diversity.

This website introduces our research and outreach activities on GE at UTokyo. In addition, we provide a comprehensive and regularly-updated compendium of GE institutions and events at our university.

Our project


We have conducted a one-year research project on causes of the "leaky pipeline" of female researchers at UT.

Find out about our interview-based method and results.


We have organised student-led workshops on gender equality, supported by varied guest speakers. 

From problem identification, to analysis, to policy proposals.

Her UTokyo

We are drawing attention to a diverse range of female researchers at UTokyo via a series of interviews.

Read their stories.


We are looking for new platforms to share our work and to promote GE in Japanese academia.

Host us, mentor us, collaborate with us.


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on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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